Saturday, July 12, 2008

Whitehouse Chimneys

Mike Elliott of Central New England Chimney Sweep in Oxford, MA has been asked to be on the team that will sweep the Whitehouse chimneys this year. I'm sure this will be a true career milestone for Mike. We are very happy for him.

The Elliotts have done so much for this Guild as a whole and for individual members including chairing the North East Regional Convention, editing this newsletter, planning outings, leading seminars, and on a personal note rebuilding our chimney...the list goes on and on.
In spite of his recent major shoulder injury he is looking forward to his trip to DC. His recovery is going well and he will be up to the task of representing this Guild, as well as the entire industry, as he always does, with impecible workmanship and knowledge.

If you get a chance please wish Mike the best of "Sweeps Luck".

Stacie Shippey
Cherry Valley Chimney Sweep

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