Sunday, July 13, 2008

Editors Notes

This edition I'm playing around with a new format for our proposed email/online newsletter. It's called a blog and for those of you unfamiliar with blogs I'll give a breif description.

The word "blog" is short for "web log" it's a sort of online journal. The cool thing is it's free and easy. It took me 15 minutes to set this up and I'm a first time blogger.

The emailed newsletters I sent out the past few editions had a few kinks as I'm sure most of you noticed. They were large files and probably downoaded slow for some of you. The format was messy due to the use of Microsoft Word which refuses to mainain it's page breaks and some other formatting from one computer to the next.

This blog will give our new online newsletter a home on the internet and allow me to email you all a link when a new issue is ready. The past articles are all stored chronilogically so you can go back and read them anytime. The formatting should look the same on any computer.

There's a few more added benefits. You all have the oportunity to comment on articles! I hope that you will, it will help me make the newsletter better. Comments will go through me and as long as I can verify they are from a member and the contents are apropriate I will post them for all to read. In adition the blog will soon be veiwable from the Guild's website keeping everything in one place.

If you are still getting paper copies this is the last one unless you tell me specifically that you prefer paper copies. Starting with the next edition email will be the default delivery.

As always your feedback is apreciated please email or call with questions comments or concerns.

Stacie Shippey
MCSG Newsletter Editor

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