Monday, July 14, 2008

Sweep Fest

Dan and I arrived at the homestead of Phil & Sharon Mitchell on Friday afternoon in order to help set up for the NHACP sponsored SweepFest.

We did a quick inspection of our "Presidential Suite" which was a pop- up camper graciously donated to us by the Mitchell's, and unpacked. We then attended a brief meeting in Phil's office as to the activities for the next couple of days and that was followed by dinner on Phil & Sharon's new back porch, in the rain, even though the roof had not been shingled yet. Fun was had by all.

The next morning I went down to the wood working shop where breakfast,sponsored by Olympia Chimney Supply, had been set up and was able to meet some new and some "old" faces. That day was filled with seminars and vendor showcases, but we took a break at lunch time to consume a wonderful feast of steamers, BBQ chicken, steak, salads, and corn on the cob. This feast was prepared by Donna MacDonald and was sponsored
by Regional Chimney Supply and Saver Systems. The presentations included one on Carbon Monoxide presented by Chuck Phillips of Lindemann Chimney Supply, Temperature Studies with Heat Conduction presented by Royal Edwards, and Defensive Driving presented by Mark Putnam, and on Sunday Marketing for Small Business by Greg Polakow.
It was during our presentations that Judd Berg read a letter from Mike Elliott to all his fellow sweeps in regard to all the love and support he and Michelle have received the past month.

Dinner was pizza in the barn, sponsored by Whitecaps, which was
followed by the performance of The Sootprints.

Sunday morning, due to a problem with his flight, Greg Polakow arrived late, but that allowed us to spend more time on the Silent Auction. There was an abundance of merchandise to be had and a couple of items were donated and the proceeds were to go directly to Mike and Michelle Elliott.

When the auction had concluded and the State Guilds held there meetings, the NHACP
announced that 1/2 of their proceeds of the auction would go to Mike and Michelle as well. This came to a total of $1,467.00. THANK YOU TO THE NHACP!!

It during our meeting where the results of our elections were announced. Congratulations to Billy Sweet (Vice President), Tim Martinson (Secretary), and my newest Board members Tom Biscoe, David O'Shea (re-elected), and Joe Gilmore (if he'll have us).

Although it rained on and off most of the weekend, after our meeting adjourned the sun made a short appearance and a few were able to take a motorcycle ride down to Hampton Beach and back, returning just in time before the rain began again.

The Stroups, the Mitchell's, Dan and myself were treated to dinner that evening by Greg Polakow which ended on of the most enjoyable weekends I've had in a long time. Thanks to all of you who took part, attended, donated your time, or sponsored any portion of this weekend!!!

Jeannie & Dan Jacobson
Duxbury Chimney Sweep

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