Friday, August 15, 2008

Southern Chimney Sweep Assoc. Disbands

The Southern Chimney Sweep Association wants to say thank you and goodbye to all the volunteers, instructors and suppliers that have helped us to educate sweeps and supported us over the last 15 years. We are calling it quits due to the ever changing economic conditions of our country and region, along with the lack of participation from sweeps at our last three conventions and our recent workshop.

We want to thank all of our founding members who saw the need to from a group to educate the sweeps of the Southeastern United States. This group started out as the Southeast Chimney Convention & Trade Show, with committee members from North & South Carolina, Florida and Georgia. Then the group saw the need to have a more formal group with structure and changed its name to the Southeastern Chimney Sweep Association and adding the Southern Association of Chimney Professionals (SACP) and Virginia to it's group.Then finally becoming a legal corporation under the name of the Southern Chimney Sweep Association with its member states being Florida, Georgia, Virginia and the SACP.

We would like to thank the past Committee Chairman of this fine organization for their years in serving as its chairman, Jerry Isenhour (1) NC, Mark Hudson (5) FL, Kevin Cowan (1) SC, Blume (1) SC, Jay Walker (1) FL, Ken Craig (1) SCAP, George Anderson (2) VA.We would also like to thank all of the past committee members who also served on this committee during it existence , Tom Stave(GA), Tom Doty (FL), Mike Wilcox (GA), Chris Holland (GA), Rob Meehan (FL), Wayne Van Houdt (VA), Jim Bostaph (VA), Roger Westerman (SACP),Mark Stoner (SACP),Cleveland Pope (SACP), Jim Robinson (SACP), Mike & Karren Duke (VA), Donny Rogan (VA), Roy & Gay Murry (NC), Bob Priesing (NC), Ron and Renne Brigman (SC), Paul & Connie Anderson (SC), Ron Rust (SC), Jay Walker (FL), Jeff Curry (FL), Phillip Martin (GA), John Su Song (GA), Dave Gallici (FL), Herb Fulmer (SC), Lucky Dale Meisinger (SC), Joe Honea (SC), Larry & Meola Snyder (SC), Steve Actman (GA), Benny Thompson (NC), Tom Albert (NC), Jeff Barger (NC),Curtis Daniel (GA), John Storch (VA), Barry Belyeu (GA), Matt Coggins (NC), Dennis Dobbs (SACP), Jim Johnson (FL), Craig Nelson (GA), Roger Whitman (NC), Jeff Jones (NC), John Handler (NC), Len Boucher (GA), Peggy Florentz (VA), we apologize if we have missed anyone.

We would also like to thank the following Supplier members that served on the committee, Bob McQuary, Cathy Rocque, Jeff Wiles, Gary Chambers and Robert Hutta.

The committee wants to encourage all sweeps to become members of NCSG and their state guilds or associations and to attend their educational opportunities. Remember education isn't cheap and can't be justified without the participation of the sweeps.

Thanks to everyone whoever attended a SCSA Convention or workshop.

Sweeps Luck to All,

Mark Hudson

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