Saturday, August 23, 2008

MA State Position on Chimney Inspection?

The above flyer put out by the state talks about having an annual inspection of the chimney flue by a "qualified mason" and having the chimney cleaned. It never mentions chimney sweeps or CSIA or any other certification.

I researched this after reading this article in the Metrowest Daily News. Which although mentions chimney sweeps as workers who can be found through word of mouth and should be associated with a national trade association, never mentions certification. Also it says that the state plans to make a list of masons available online so homeowners can contact them for chimney inspections.

I think it might be important in the near future to revisit the guilds Power Point presentation and start taking it out to Fire Departments, Home Inspectors, Realtors, and Town Building Inspectors.

CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps are educated and tested on different levels of chimney inspection. They see, daily, the condition of chimney flues after use. This makes them uniquely qualified to perform chimney inspections.

I'd like the BOD to consider appointing an Outreach Committee to contact, visit and educate the above mentioned professionals. Perhaps even a brochure mailing to Fire Cheifs and Building Inspectors with an invitation to meet with a Guild representative could be an immediate step to start the process.

Just like with advertising in our businesses, if we stop our outreach education people will forget who we are and what we do.

Stacie Shippey
Newsletter Editor
Cherry Valley Chimney Sweep - Leicester

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Melissa Heeke said...

I have just posted an email to the Massachusetts State Fire Marshall and the Fire Marshall's spokesperson requesting that they reconsider their recommendation to hire a qualified mason to perform chimney inspections. Please feel welcome to contact me at if you'd like a copy of the email and documentation sent.